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We use the power of data to improve farm biosecurity

Genics is focused on the commercial success of your shrimp (prawn) or pig business. Using your animal’s pathogen and genetic data, we’re able to develop highly sensitive and effective health care and breeding programs that will reduce risk of disease, improve biosecurity and boost your farm’s economic performance.

Shrimp MultiPath™ Explained in 90 Seconds

In this short animation we show how Genics Shrimp MultiPath™ detects pathogens in shrimp up to 4-weeks before you’ll see clinical signs of disease.

Genics Value Proposition

Early Detection

Our Shrimp MultiPath™ and Pork MultiPath™ technology focuses on early pathogen detection before you see the first signs of disease. This means we can detect pathogens weeks before your animals show the first signs of being sick.

360 Approach

Underpinned by Genics MultiPath™, DeepDive and ShrimpID technology, and supported by our team of global experts, we are able to customize your 360 degree health plan to include selective breeding, PCR pathogen detection and histopathology.

Reduced Risk

MultiPath™ dramatically reduces the cost of testing for pathogens, and for the first time, makes multi-pathogen testing viable for shrimp breeding companies, hatcheries and farms, empowering informed management decisions that mitigate disease risk and maximise yield.


Our technology is unsurpassed in its ability to co-detect multiple shrimp pathogens. Its sensitivity and specificity are equal or superior to current gold standard diagnostic test methods that typically detect only a single pathogen in a single test.

Fast Results

All Genics services are performed in ISO17025 Accredited Laboratories by qualified laboratory personnel and veterinarians. MultiPath™ includes DNA and RNA quality controls for every sample. With all our solutions we rapidly generate results on large numbers of samples with fast data turnaround.

Pathogen and Breeding Solutions for Every Farm

  • MultiPath™

    Smart detection system


    A smart detection system that cuts testing costs for pig and shrimp farmers and transforms how shrimp diseases are managed globally.

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  • Shrimp ID

    Smart breeding choices

    Shrimp ID

    Heritage panels that determine stock pedigree and genetic relationship, empowering farmers to make smart breeding choices.

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  • Enduro

    MultiPath + ID


    All the benefits of Shrimp MultiPath plus Genics’ Shrimp ID. Heritage panels that determine stock pedigree and genetic relationship, empowering farmers to make smart breeding choices.

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  • DeepDive



    Run with Shrimp MultiPath or as a stand alone test. Histopathology diagnostics are conducted by our accredited Veterinary Pathologists.

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We remove the guesswork using data

Shrimp rarely harbour only one pathogen and farmers often don’t know which ones they are. This is a significant economic risk for farmers, the industries and communities that support them and global food security.

Genics has solved this problem.

With the multipath solutions range, we empower farmers with an early warning system detecting up to 14 pathogens simultaneously. With unrivalled sensitivity, specificity and turn around time performance, MultiPath solutions are helping solve the big problems in the global shrimp industry.

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Shrimp MultiPath™ solutions (Shrimp MultiPath™ and MultiPath Xtra) detects up to 14 commercially impactful pathogens of shrimp simultaneously (including DIV-1). MultiPath is a PCR based technology with unrivalled test sensitivity, specificity and data turn-around times for multiple pathogen detection. MultiPath generates digitized pathogen prevalence and quantitative load data at scale, and is compatible with digital farm management solutions.


Pathogens detected by Shrimp MultiPath™ or MultiPath Xtra include:

Decapod iridescent virus 1, DIV-1, White spot syndrome virus (WSSV), Yellow head virus (YHV) variants 1-7, Taura syndrome virus (TSV), Infectious myonecrosis virus (IMNV), Laem-Singh necrosis virus (LSNV), Hepatopancreatic parvovirus (HPV), Monodon baculovirus (MBV), Infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHHNV), Pir A toxin gene & Pir B toxin gene (AHPND/EMS; Acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease/Early mortality syndrome), Gill associated virus (GAV), Mourilyan virus (MoV), and Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP). Shrimp MultiPath differentiates between all 7 YHV variants using independent variant specific targets. HPV is also known as Hepatopancreatic densovirus (HDV). GAV is also known as YHV2.



Shrimp MultiPath™ solutions performance has been assessed and validated by Third Party ISO17025 assessors which follow the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Manual for Validation of Diagnostic Assays.


Testing Facilities and Turn-around time

MultiPath is run in Genics Service Laboratories in Australia that are ISO17025 Third Party Accredited. Shipment of samples to Australia from most regions of the world takes ~3 days by courier and data is available within 48 hours of sample arrival at the laboratory. Genics provide the required documentation to ship Shrimp samples into  Australia in 70% laboratory grade ethanol.


Validated Shrimp Species

MultiPath™ has been validated on five shrimp species from multiple geographical locations.

  • Fenneropenaeus chinensis (Chinese white shrimp) from China
  • Penaeus japonicus (Kuruma shrimp) from Australia
  • Penaeus monodon (Black Tiger shrimp) from Australia, Fiji, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, India, Malayasia, Kenya and Vietnam
  • Litopenaeus vannamei (Pacific White shrimp) from USA, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Venezuela and Ecuador
  • Litopenaeus stylirostris from New Caledonia.


Did you know…

Every sample run on MultiPath™ has a quality control completed for extraction and RNA and DNA quantity. Every MultiPath™ submission includes positive and negative controls for all assays. MultiPath delivers unrivalled quality control of any PCR testing platform.

Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying…

“Continual improvement in company procedures, protocols and operations is one of VietUc’s foundations of success. We turned to Genics when it came to reviewing and raising the standards of our Biosecurity across the VietUc grow out Business. It was one of the best decisions ever made. I highly recommend the Biosecurity services of Team Genics.”

Mr Tung Ma, CTOVietUc Group, Vietnam

“Our team at Kona Bay Indonesia are very impressed with Genics approach to data-driven decision making helping our facilities produce healthy, robust locally grown Indonesian Kona Bay broodstock that are SPF. Their helpful team give us confidence through designing statistically significant health sample programs and providing training in sampling for pathogen testing. Shipping is always fast, and the paperwork simple. Thank you Genics”.

Ari SetiardhiGeneral Manager at Kona Bay Indonesia

“Results from Genics Shrimp MultiPath provided us with trusted information about our animal’s health allowing us to make important data-driven management decisions. Ultimately, the data provides us with a competitive advantage and when combined with very good value for money and excellent customer service we’ll happily call on Genics for further insights into our animal health”.

Ana Carolina de Barros Guerrelhas, Socia-DirectoraAquatec, Brazil

“Genics are an expert team providing complete Shrimp Health solutions to our industry that add genuine value customised to each business. Their proprietary Shrimp MultiPath platform provides unrivalled quality controlled data for multiple pathogen detection – something that is not available anywhere else in the world. I would happily recommend Genics to anyone requiring Shrimp Health Solutions”.

Dr. David KawahigashiVannamei 101, USA

“With the aim of increasing shrimp production on our farms in Indonesia and better understanding the health of our shrimp, I turned to Genics for testing using Shrimp MultiPath. After a simple tissue sampling process, our samples were sent to Australia with test results ready within 48 hours of receiving the samples in the lab. The results helped our team understand how we can further improve animal health leading to stronger and disease resistant shrimp in future harvests. Also, a bonus, is the data showing that we can improve water quality management on our farms leading to healthier shrimp”.

Mr. Joko Sasongko, ChairmanPT. Noerwi Aqua Farm, Ujung Genteng South Sukabumi West Java - Indonesia

“As a repeat customer, I am constantly impressed how Genics data allows me to make crucial data-driven decisions leading to improved farm performance. We have used Shrimp MultiPath a number of times as a mechanism to better understand the overall health of our shrimp. This in turn helps our farm reduce risk of disease, lower costs and increase productivity”

Carlos ElizaldeOro del Pacifico, Guatamala

“I wanted to let you know of how happy we are with Genics Shrimp MultiPath. The results have definitely given us solid peace of mind and confidence in our business. I wish more of Indonesian farmers are able to enjoy the benefits of Genics technology in the future“.

Winston Wijaya, DirectorPT Arghani Boga Sejahtera, Bangka Sumatera, Indonesia

“For me, Genics’ Shrimp MultiPath technology is unsurpassed in its ability to detect pathogens early, mitigate disease and provide certainty about our animal’s health. This means that despite the global pandemic, we’re on a fast-track to improved viability and growth. Additionally, Genics customer service has provided us with animal data quickly, allowing us to make informed management decisions with confidence”.

Ricardo SolaNaturisa S.A. Ecuador

“Genics with their ShrimpID solutions suite provided us with a practical mate allocation plan that maximised genetic diversity of our progeny. We have seen a massive improvement in nauplii production already! Incredible results, powerful data. We look forward to working with Genics to continually improve on our breeding program and high-quality post-larvae offerings to Ecuadorian Shrimp Producers”.

Bolivar Pena - Administrator Genesis, Ecuador

Genics new Shrimp MultiPath Xtra heralds a new era in pathogen detection, specifically around the detection of Decapod iridescent virus 1, DIV-1. As a vet, I can recommend Shrimp MultiPath Xtra to farmers wanting peace of mind and security when it comes to detecting pathogens on their farm”.

Jorge Cuéllar-AnjelAquaculture Veterinarian - Disease of Aquatic Organisms - Shrimp Pathologist, Panama

“In terms of PCR for the diagnosis of shrimp diseases, I think Dr. Melony Sellars (CEO Genics) is the highest authority in the world, I don’t know anyone who gives me as much confidence in this topic as she does”. 

Dr. Joao RochaShrimp Geneticist, Texcumar, Ecuador

“Genics have been fantastic to work with, helping us to design a sampling plan to maximise value for money with our pathogen screening and ensure we would be in a position to make informed management decisions based on the data. We are very happy with their service and the Shrimp MultiPath output. What a great company to help service the pathogen screening needs of our global shrimp industry.”

Steve Hammon CEONorth American Broodstock, LLC, California, United States

“Genics is a one-stop shop for diagnostics. They are collaborative, flexible and reliable diagnostic partners. I enjoy working with the Genics team!” ,

Dr Christine Huynh BVScDirector, Nautilus Collaboration Pty Ltd., Australia

“The Penaeus monodon ShrimpID panels now available at Genics have been fundamental to the success of our company’s selective breeding programs since 2010. They have enabled us to maximise our genetic diversity year after year, and facilitate smart breeding choices that have delivered selected lines with trebled production performance in ponds compared side by side with unselected lines.”

Alistair DickGeneral Manager, Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture, Australia

“Using ShrimpID and Shrimp MultiPath combined (called Enduro) Genics were able to help our farm in Ecuador determine the pedigree of our stock thus ensuring genetic diversity in our breeding program while also giving us important data on the health of our animals. This means we can better plan for the future knowing exactly what we need to put in place to ensure positive farm performance”.

Boris Pena, Maturation Manager Genesis, Ecuador
Increase your farm’s profits
Genics is focused on the commercial success of your business

Genics constantly delivers increased profitability and growth for commercial farms. In a recent example, Shrimp MultiPath™ increased the growth of animals at a commercial farm across their 1 ha ponds stocked at 70/m2, by over 10%.

These commercial results support the foundational paper authored by Genics CEO, Dr. Sellars et al* showing a USD$1,000 investment in pathogen detection resulted in an increase in production of USD$52,000/ha.

Join other Genics clients in 35 countries and experience outstanding customer service, data-driven results, proven science and demonstrated commercial value.

*Sellars, M.J., Cowley, J.A., Musson, D., Rao, M., Menzies, M., Coman, G.J., Murphy, M. 2019. Reduced growth performance of Black Tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) infected with infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus. Aquaculture 488: 160-166.

We’re with you every step of the way

Our testing cycle is completed quickly with results back to clients within days. Shrimp MultiPath™ performance has been assessed and validated by Third Party ISO17025 assessors which follow the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Manual for Validation of Diagnostic Assays.

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