Introducing Shrimp MultiPath Xtra

The trusted name in pathogen detection just got better.

Introducing Shrimp MultiPath Xtra

Shrimp MultiPath Xtra is our new state-of-the-art early warning system scanning for 14 pathogens of commercial significance. Xtra enjoys all the data innovation found in the original Shrimp MultiPath (13 pathogens) with the much anticipated addition of Decapod iridescent virus 1, DIV-1.

Decapod Iridescent Virus 1 (DIV1) is a recently emerged infectious agent causing high mortality in Penaeus vannamei. DIV1 can affect late-postlarvae, juvenile and subadult shrimp, mainly during low temperature seasons. The very recent emergence of the virus has not allowed sufficient research to link external effects such as environmental, nutritional, physiological or pathological stressors to influence the susceptibility and level of mortality of the viral disease. The main target organs for DIV1 infections are hematopoietic tissue, gills and hepatopancreatic sinuses. High mortality of up to 80% has been reportedin farmed P. vannamei.

DIV1 virus has additionally been detected in wild specimens of P. monodon caught in the Indian Ocean, and it is therefore highly recommended to screen every batch of wild-caught P. monodon broodstock destined for use in commercial shrimp aquaculture facilities for DIV1 viral load by molecular based tests like PCR.

The Shrimp MultiPath Xtra PCR test will help to confirm DIV1 infections as well as provide information to producers about presence and/or absence of this virus and other shrimp pathogens frequent in culture systems, in a precise, reliable and quantitative way (number of pathogens per sample).

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COVID-19 Announcement – Genics remains open for business

A brief message to let you know Genics remains open for business during the COVID-19 situation. Our focus is very much on supporting our clients during this time while ensuring the health and well-being of our staff, contractors and suppliers. With this in mind, we have emergency and redundancy procedures in place to ensure ongoing service delivery to our global customers. Should you require any further information please let us know.

We’re looking for an outstanding new team member. Is it you?

Genics Pty Ltd is seeking a highly motivated experienced Research Assistant to join their Brisbane based team. This is an amazing opportunity to join a Global leader. Genics provides pathogen detection services to the national and international prawn farming industries with the view to expanding its test menu into other primary industry sectors.

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Genics welcomes new team members

In the past few days we’ve had the pleasure of onboarding two experts in their field – Chris Eccleston MBA (Marketing & Communications Manager) and Dr Ralf Moser (R&D Director). Genics’ CEO Melony Sellars said “Genics is growing fast, attracting great clients and onboarding key personnel. It’s an exciting time with the best yet to come”. 

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