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Early Pathogen Detection with Shrimp MultiPath

Shrimp rarely harbour only one pathogen and farmers usually don’t know which ones they are. Shrimp MultiPath™ tests 13 pathogens offering our clients peace of mind in early detection, quality control and informed farm management.


Detects 13 pathogens, including those that severely impact shrimp aquaculture in a single test.


Includes controls to validate every test result and quantify infection severity.


Rapidly generates results on large numbers of samples with fast data turnaround times.


Identifies different genetic variants of relevant pathogens.


Includes control tests to validate RNA and/or DNA sample integrity.

Your Early Warning System

Shrimp MultiPath™ technology is unsurpassed in its ability to co-detect multiple shrimp pathogens. Its sensitivity and specificity are equal or superior to current industry standard test methods that typically detect a single pathogen in a single test.

Shrimp MultiPath™ focuses on early pathogen detection before you see the first signs of disease. This means we can detect pathogens weeks before your shrimp show the first signs of being sick.

Shrimp MultiPath™ data empowers informed management decisions that mitigate disease risk and maximise yield. In the case of infectious hypodermal and haematopoietic necrosis virus (IHHNV), Shrimp MultiPath™ can lead to an increase in farm gate value of up to USD$52,000 per hectare*. In the case of more devastating pathogens like white spot syndrome virus (WSSV), Shrimp MultiPath™ can be the difference between harvesting or not harvesting at all.

You can download a Shrimp MultiPath™ brochure here.

*Sellars, M.J., Cowley, J.A., Musson, D., Rao, M., Menzies, M., Coman, G.J., Murphy, M. 2019. Reduced growth performance of Black Tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) infected with infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus. Aquaculture 488: 160-166.

When to test your shrimp?

A question we’re asked often is “When is the best time to test my shrimp for pathogens to maximise health & boost production”? This will depend on whether your shrimp are post-larvae, growout or broodstock.

The graph below is focused on Growout. For information on Post-larvae and Broodstock please make contact.

13 Pathogens Detected


Integrate pedigree management and precision selection into your breeding programs with unrivaled genotyping performance for L. vannamei & P. monodon. 

ShrimpID’s industry-leading DNA marker panels reveal relatedness so that hatcheries can manage inbreeding, and breeding programs may apply marker-assisted and genomic selection to accelerate the delivery of genetic improvements. 

The challenge for farmers

Farmers need efficient selective breeding programs leveraging detailed shrimp pedigree information to ensure maximum genetic diversity.

Pairing pedigree with phenotype data enables precision selection within breeding programs, delivering fertile, healthy stock for commercial production. However, most genetic testing services are expensive and only identify the parentage of tested shrimp.

The Genics solution

ShrimpID’s expansive marker set provides detailed relatedness estimates for any tested animal, sex identification, and markers within genes shown to regulate productivity and disease resistance.

The Genics team works with you to identify which markers should be fixed to ensure your program is robust.

Genics ShrimpID is the most powerful solution on the market, saving you time and money and delivering best-in-class results.

Want to know more about ShrimpID?


ShrimpID includes DNA marker panels for Pacific White, Black Tiger, & Blue Shrimp


Testing with SNP markers in genes of interest selected to be polymorphic across the global diversity of each species


ShrimpID delivers more than just pedigree reconstruction, with detailed relatedness estimates allowing you to maximize genetic diversity


Refined DNA extraction methods ensure data is provided from all tested animals and is tracked with rigorous controls to ensure sample integrity


Unrivalled genome coverage density & spatial coverage empower never-before-seen selection advances in breeding

Integrated pedigree management and genetic improvement

As well as managing the genetic diversity of your broodstock, ShrimpID heritage panels provide you with the information you need to drive a genomic selection program in any of your characterized populations.     

ShrimpID is the world’s leading genotyping tool for Penaeid shrimp, designed by global leaders in bioinformatics and biotechnology. ShrimpID provides breeders and quantitative geneticists with the data they need to efficiently improve productivity and minimize risk.    

ShrimpID results analysis will deliver all the required information to manage relatedness. The panels have been trialed and tested on shrimp from all regions of the world, including Pacific White (Penaeus litopenaeus), Black Tiger (Penaeus monodon), and Blue Shrimp (Litopenaeus stylirostris).    

Genics experts can assist your team with designing a phenotyping system around your existing infrastructure so you can optimize the delivery of genetic improvements. 

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Genics ShrimpID vs conventional shrimp testing


ShrimpID yields twice as many genetic markers, ensuring tens of thousands of informative data points on shrimp populations from around the world

Conventional shrimp testing

Before Genics launched ShrimpID, the most credible analysis tool available detected only half as many genetic markers

Want to know more about ShrimpID?

The best of both worlds with Enduro

More resilient, durable and higher yielding shrimp

Enduro leads to more resilient and higher yielding shrimp. Underpinned by Shrimp MultiPathTM and ShrimpID, it forms a complementary workflow in the lab resulting in cost-effective, health management, and pedigree analysis for powerful breeding programs.

“Using Shrimp MultiPath and ShrimpID combined, Genics were able to help our farm in Ecuador determine the pedigree of our stock thus ensuring genetic diversity in our breeding program while also giving us important data on the health of our animals. This means we can better plan for the future knowing exactly what we need to put in place to ensure positive farm performance”.

Boris Pena, Maturation Manager Genesis, Ecuador

Take a DeepDive with Genics Histopathology

Histopathology diagnostics is a specialty service that involves examining the tissue and cellular structure at a microscopic level to look for abnormal cell structures, cellular organisation and foreign bodies.


Examining the tissue and cellular structure at a microscopic level to look for abnormal cell structures, cellular organisation and foreign bodies.


At Genics service laboratories accredited Veterinary Pathologists perform these detailed examinations looking for such abnormalities and linking their observations to causative agents in the original specimen or animal, and in the field.


Our personnel each hold over 20 years of experience in histological analysis and diagnostics.

More Profits

Mitigate disease risk and maximise your farm profits.

Be Empowered with Data

At Genics service laboratories, accredited Veterinary Pathologists perform detailed examinations looking for such abnormalities and linking their observations to causative agents in the original specimen or animal, and in the field. Our personnel each hold over 20 years of experience in histological analysis and diagnostics.

Importantly, histopathology empowers advanced holistic disease investigation, and when used in combination with MultiPath PCR testing or molecular science, delivers an unrivalled investigation service to our clients to pinpoint the true cause of production impacting disease events.

Download our new DeepDive brochure here.

Pathogens Magnified

Such investigations further strengthen Genics customised health management programs, and implementation of early warning systems for producers. Ultimately, early pathogen detection through a well designed and implemented health management program will mitigate disease risk and maximise your farm profits.

The images of pathogens below such as WSSV (White Spot) and IHHNV (Infectious hypodermal and haematopoietic necrosis virus) etc. provide a window into the core health of shrimp. (Images below courtesy of Donald Lightner)

Our latest biosecurity solutions

Continuous innovation heralds new ways to improve your biosecurity.

eDNA – Test your water

Based on the principles of Environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis, our new biosecurity safeguard, Genics Water MultiPath, provides an extra layer of biosecurity when used in conjunction with Shrimp or Pork MultiPathTM. It does this by examining and detecting pathogens in the water used by shrimp, pigs, and other species. 

Download a brochure below for more information.

Test your animal feed

Using our proven MultiPath technology, we’re now able to test animal feed (shrimp, pigs and others) for pathogens.


Customer Question

“Why is testing feed so important…feeds have heat treatment in the manufacturing process. I had a colleagues who always argue with me stating… “no feed testing required for biosecurity surveillance”

Genics Answer

Many different feed types are used in Shrimp aquaculture. Fresh and fresh frozen broodstock feeds ( eg. Polychaete, squid), Artemia, artemia flake and algae for larval shrimp, and wet pellet feeds in some culture conditions. All these have the potential to pose a biosecurity risk to production. Heat extruded feeds, if they reach the required temperature during manufacture may not pose a biosecurity risk. The Genics Team will talk through real and perceived risks with customers on a case-by-case basis to design suitable testing programs.

If you have any questions please email our team at info@genics.com or if you’re ready to test your feed complete this form.

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